Samras Dahi - Pure and Fresh - To keep your gut healthy
A Product by Bharti Dairy Milk

Our Vision

Bharti Dairy Milk is a registered Delhi based food Company marketing milk & Milk products under the brand name of Samras.

Bharti Dairy Milk is founded by Mr Satish Chawla, a Delhi based industrialist with over two decades of experience in varied industries.

Modern engineering and sophisticated technology allows this company to produce dairy products like curd (dahi), raita etc. with support of an extensive high quality network of milk suppliers from Haryana region.

Our goal is focused on implementing modern and innovative ideas in the overall process (production, sales, distribution), improving the quality, increasing the production and approaching the best standards therefore pleasing consumers’ needs and wishes.

We are currently building our distribution network. If you wish to partner with us in taking heights to next level, click here.

Our Mission Statement

“Bringing pure and fresh milk products for the good health of everyone.“
Our mission is to build a trust among our suppliers, distributors, employees and consumers. We justify our confidence throughout these values:

  • High Quality
  • 100% Fresh
  • Hygienic - Completely machine packed
  • Consistently Tasteful